Sunday, May 30, 2010

My First Blog!

Hello internet people!

This is my first blog here...

Haven't been much of a blogger here. But for this blog I will brainstorm some things that I might be posting in the future.

-I can turn this into a repository for art and for watching my art development

-For promoting my art, writing, and crafts (possibly selling on etsy, artfire, or elsewhere)

-For venting my frustrations with society or for sharing glad news too

-Chronicling the life of a university student (although hopefully I will be finishing within the next 2 years: med school, grad-school, or the real world await)

-Meeting like-minded folks, hopefully more people here are friends than enemies. But I have faith!

In the meantime, until I have time to mess with photobucket and such, please view:

That's where I post my artwork