Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Will Astrology

So in the local newspapers (y'know, the rags with local commentary that announce local events and more), there's a column titled Free Will Astrology. Reading astrology is one of my guilty pleasures, and sometimes it can be pretty darn accurate. Although in the month of June/July this is probably accurate for a lot of people, but sometimes it speaks to me and gives me a nice pause and reflect moment on life.

Free Will Astrology, Rob Brezsny, (c) 2011, wk June 23, Willamette Weekly


"In August and September, millions of seabirds known as the Sooty Shearwaters leave their homes in New Zealand and travel thousands of miles to Gulf of Farallones, just off the coast of San Francisco. Why do they do it? The feeding is first-class, the tasty fish and squid they like are available in abundance. I suggest you consider a Sooty Shearwater type quest in the coming weeks. The very best samples of the goodies you crave are located at a distance, either in the literal or metaphorical sense."

So, while fate is guiding me more than free will or "questing" per-say (to Korea), it's pretty accurate. I'm pretty torn up about going, but I do know that most Korean food is really grate (the goodies I crave!) Why do animals (and people) have to go so far? Well, to get the necessities of life. In a perfect world Asia would not be an ocean away and I would be close to my parents, and to my interests and job prospects.

Time for my next adventure I guess.

And I'll be able to sort through my closing experiences in Oregon: Graduation, Crazy Camping Extreme, Moving Party #1, and Moving Showdown #2. Hopefully with pictures, or at least some commentary about some cool places to go to in Oregon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

STEP Eiken Writer, Editor, Consultant Interview

Interview Here\/

It's an interesting interview (in Japanese), and not very hard to understand if you have studied some Japanese and know enough kanji. It was a good review for me. It's inspirational to see the possibilities if you have experience teaching in Japan and the other complementing editing, writing, and liaison qualifications, a good reputation and good references. I'd love to do something like that in the future.

The past few weeks were difficult because the job I thought was going to work out just dropped me after being completely silent for a few months. Lesson learned: silence = close but no cigar. But I picked myself up and applied for some more things and returned to other promising leads. Tonight's phone is for a school near my husbands' parents home in Korea. Getting experience there while reconnecting with family can only be a win-win situation.

When water is trapped it must find a new path. Or else it will get all stagnant, slimy, and full of algae. I apologize if that was cheesy.

The Teach ESL in Korea site I posted a link to a few blogs back is a really great resource for jobs in Korea. They've been very helpful.

Sunday, June 5, 2011



Effort is not always what makes things happen,
It's about an ebb and a flow,
a progression,
a lapse back,
And Grow Again