Monday, November 19, 2012

中部に楽しんだ:第一番 岐阜金華山にハイキング*日本語バージョン

Things to Do in Chubu #1: Hiking Kinka Mountain at Gifu City

Things to do in Chubu #1: Hiking Kinka Mountain at Gifu City
(From the side of the park opposite the ropeway station)

 This is the park at the entrance of the east side of the park. It's more oriented toward locals and there is free parking! On the other side with access to the ropeway, parking is sparse and there are fees. 
 There is a shrine at the entrance to the park. This was waiting in the stone lantern.

 All kinds of little creatures to notice on the walk up, including my favorite family of decomposers: Mushrooms. I wouldn't eat these if I were you.

 Various trails are connected from that trail, this sign is directing us to Gifu castle, for those who really want to be on top! 

 The view from the cliff side of the trail where there is a fork partway up. This is on a basic, misty, smoggy day in the Gifu. Just recently I went up after the typhoon. For a spectacular view, wait for a typhoon to wipe the smog of the auto industry away.

 This is no "walk in the park." The first time you come you may feel like it is better for mountain goats. This is on the "cliff" side of the trail. You may have to crawl up on all fours. But it's worth it for awesome views and actually proably if you attempted a second time you wouldn't feel it so difficult.

 This is from a clearing near the entrance to the ropeway (for those who don't want to hoof it up the mountain like mountain goats). The tower is in the town I'm living in. This was on a basic smoggy day. Again, when I went here after the typhoon, you could see to Nagoya and you could even see the bay/ocean in the distance.

My favorite part: there is ice cream at the top. But in the fall there are also mosquitoes. So you should come fully clothed and fully prepared to protect your face, as you can see one got me right in my forehead. >.< D'oh.

I rate it a difficult hike for someone who has never hiked before, but unless you have a condition then it is totally worth preservering to get to the top!





それより、最近オンラインの生物の授業を受け完成!これからJLPT N1勉強を始めようと思っている。私の英語の授業に私が今より生徒さん手伝えるようになったらいいなあ。