Friday, July 1, 2011

Hanbok Shopping and More

Hi folks.

I arrived safely in Korea! Asiana is a pretty good airline. But we also were on one of their new passenger jets so everything is a little cleaner and they're fully equipped with toothbrushes and all kinds of plastic wrapped odds and ends that wayward travelers may need. But travel anxiety and "travel gut" got the best of me at about 5 hours into it. Traveler gut is still bothering me, but psyllium husk powder and Max's mom's good food is helping me through it. Bibimbap at 40,000 feet wasn't bad either, although the western style dishes were as icky as other airlines' food.

One of the first things we had to do here was go hanbok shopping! We're eventually going to do a ceremony here in Korea, and ideally my folks will come and we'll be able to take photos together. And we must do it right wearing the Korean traditional dress, hanbok. It was a very interesting hole in the wall shop, full of silk fabrics and embroidered tapestries with fanciful scenes of mountains, peaches, cranes, tigers. It reminded me a bit of a room in my grandmother's house where she kept her buttons. My words can't do it justice, so I will let some photos speak for themselves. The original design hanboks are so beautiful.

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