Sunday, October 9, 2011

ESL With Young Learners

That's pretty much what I do with the little ones. I try to change up the names and also incorporate storytime. Really high level students can already basically read and we practice activities that mimic spelling. They're capable of so much, it's just a matter of finding out what level the little ones are at, I feel. It's still really new to me but I think I'm doing basically the same as the guy in the video. :D

Other Helpful Sites About ESL for Young Learners:

ESL Songs and Activity Ideas: Great gathering of Resource
They are selling CDs but there are many free and helpful resources on the website.


ESL Songs and Ideas for Young Learners
Good for ideas but the sitemaster is promoting her book and CD, ESL, EFL For Children
Curriculum Guidance Website:
This site gives some insight into subjects typically covered in Kindergarten curriculum. See how your classes' curriculum measures up to what is typically taught in kindergartens. For when you're running out of ideas, want to check progress of your students at your school, or design a curriculum.

Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum Guidance Website

Words of Wisdom on the Role of Educators and Early-Childhood Educators in Students' Lives

ESL: Why Games, Stories, and Movement Activities Work

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