Sunday, November 13, 2011

Homage to Meaphe~~

One Legendary ALT Vlogger Meaphe

One of the coolest peoples on Youtube to me is MEAPHE.

I think I introduced her vlog before... but anyway, she even inspired me to make my own. And while I am not as dedicated to working on my vlog as she is... she is still pressin on and showing a lot of her life in Japan to the world.

Thumbs up!

Anyway, you can of course find her at

And today I am doing an homage to her when I am announcing: 3 days until something somewhat epic happens, and 7 days until something REALLY epic happens! and there's another pretty freaking awesome thing going to happen sometime this week.

And through all of this I may have 2 more videos to put on my vlog. Leftovers from Halloween, and my most recent exploits of today.

Already halfway through November (nearly) and I've posted nothing! My views this month don't reflect that at all, so, I would like to thank my viewers.


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