Friday, October 19, 2012

Things to do in Chubu #2: Ichinomiya Tower

Things to do in Central Japan (Chubu) #2

Ichinomiya 138 Tower Park

Location: Ichinomiya City:
Train/Bus Accessibility: No train access, access via Ichinomiya station and requires a bus, taxi, or ride from a friend to get there. 
Best time to travel: Any season. Escape the heat of the Nagoya 'burbs next to the nearest river. Ichinomiya tower park is right next to one and remember feeling relief there during the oppressive heat of summer. In winter the gardens are lit "winter illumination" with Christmas lights creating a romatic or family fun environment. Flower gardens are tended in late summer and early fall (we saw cosmos) 
Cost: Going to the top of the tower on a clear day will give you a view of Ichinomiya city and likely all the way to Nagoya. But trust most days are overcast and fog and pollution often obscures the view. If you go after a typhoon you can see Nagoya and beyond to the ocean, and lovely view of mountains in neighboring Gifu prefecture. 
   An adult is 500 yen; children, students, and seniors have discounted fare. 

Ichinomiya 138 Tower and Surrounding Grounds Park, Fall Season (Early October) 

Sunset at Ichinomiya 138 Tower Park

Cosmos planted, grown up in the fall season.

Another view of the tower.

View of a Ferris Wheel, Gifu Prefecture mountains. Kinka mountain is visible but Gifu castle is not in this photo.

Kiso-gawa (Kiso-River) is not for swimming. 

Exciting news! My friend Kenston from high school came to the park and liked it! "It was pretty."

With the hubby, can't you see how romatic a place Ichinomiya tower is? Its like our own little Eiffel Tower park, eons away from Paris.

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