Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Bearfoam! A lovely photo of a special latte, by Chicago student-artist Nicole Rapp. How cute is that?

I had to share... and take a brief interlude from my studies and job hunting.

It's been about two weeks since my last acupuncture... and about one more week to go. I haven't gone this long for a while and everything is ok, but I'm definitely missing the sense of peace that it gives me! I also feel like I might be regretting stopping yoga. Even though I didn't feel it when I was there, I think it helps recenter and reset the body when there is so much school stress. I'm doing a ballet class that day instead, and my does my foot-ball hurt (ball of my foot.) I think the bone under the pad is irritated... I didn't realize I had such big calluses down there when I used to dance!


  1. LOL I used to have big calluses! Now that I think about it, I remember when I stopped ballet they slowly disappeared. Now I need to build that back up or it hurts like crazy! Not even toe shoes... just the flat shoes... my feet became too spoiled and now they're giving me grief.

    Did you like the bear foam?