Tuesday, February 22, 2011

いい部屋ネット/Good Room Network

My hometown is surrounded by many nurseries. I've heard even a lot of Japanese maples are supplied from Oregon.

Crown Melons are Famous in Fukuroi, Japan, sister city of my hometown in Oregon


If you want to know something about living expenses in Japan, you can check out apartment costs at that site. Which is kind of fun. Even though depending on the program/employer you lprobably don't get to pick your first apartment.

I caught a cold and it is not fun. Tomona will be here on Saturday and I wanted to be bright eyed, bushytailed, and excited to meet her but looks like I'm just struggling to survive this week. Luckily it is just a cold, there hasn't been a fever involved, so that says something about the severity. The congestion has been keeping me from sleeping well which is making all the difference.

Grumble grumble.

I can't wait for acupuncture because I know one day I had aches and pains and felt all stiff and as soon as it was over I felt wonderful. That's on Thursday.

No word back from the requirements committee.

My net -interview with the ALT company went well, although talking on skype is darn hard. My connection is no good and a lot of the conversation tends to get garbled up. Anyway, excited about my interview with them over the break and looked at the positions in Aichi and Shizuoka. All of them look like they're in really awesome places.

The most interesting to me is one in Mori, Japan which is by Fukuroi, Shizuoka. Fukuroi is my city's sister city and their relationship began in November 1988. My birthday, year and all! It's like I am the patron saint of the Fukuroi-Hillsboro sister city relationship! I'd definitely love to get that post sometime... and would definitely love to live in a rural place.

Anywayyy didn't get the interview information e-mail so I'll be getting back to them about that... so far so good except for this darn cold (and all the catch-up I'm going to be playing... good thing Tomona is coming and we can do the reading together, it will be good for her English and good for my Japanese)

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