Saturday, January 11, 2014


These are poems I wrote in my journal that I read when I was in college.

But I didn't forget them.

Why should my heart
remain stained
by blossoms,
when I thought 
I had tossed all that away? 

Trailing in the Wind
Fuji's Smoke
fades into the sky
destination unknown
just like my own thoughts

They are Japanese poems. I don't have the translations and I didn't even write the author's name down, so for asian studies scholars out there, let me know if you know who it was.

Feeling very much like this today... things abandoned, things I must abandon, things which can't be changed. Which just makes me think of AAA Wisdom poem. Even though I'm not addicted to anything. Except maybe tonkatsu, chocolate, and darjeeling tea. And kimchi.

That is all. 

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