Sunday, April 3, 2011

Doing Low-Carb in Japanese Cuisine

My favorite Bento-Cooking Site:

This blog is for those out there who just don't feel good on carbs or suffer from a variety of metabolic syndromes such as Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, PCOS, and general syndrome X issues.

Since I just returned from Japan, my experiences are fresh in my mind. I've been studying for so long there are not many cultural things that are shocking to me anymore, but one thing that shocked me (that did not shock me during my youth when I did not realize that carbs were negatively effecting how I felt) was the amount of carbs and in the inaccesibility of proteins that complicated folks such as myself need. Meals are large and abundant in noodles, rice, and starches without having much for someone who needs a cushioning protein in order to make energy. So I'm leaving this post here to help me and others who have this issue survive in Japan. It is possible but you have to get creative, and I will surely continue to loose weight as the heaviest staples in Japan give me crazy sugar spikes and the scary low-blood sugar crashes that surely contributed to my feeling insane the last time I went. With my new awareness of how these foods affect my system, I did just fine this time.

So that is a link I would like to rely on and keep stock of protein choices I have found in Japan.

Protein choices:
-egg (hard boiled, tamagoyaki)
-fish cakes
-meats (hot dogs, ground meat patties, sizzled meats, ham)
-katsus aren't bad

And that blog was really good for talking about carb choices for those of us (considering even the buckwheat options probably contain a portion of white flour) who are a bit sensitive to white flours and white rice. It's like putting jet fuel in my system. It's hard to find a carb that looks like it recently came from a plant without being pulverized into refined flour.

Vegetables can always be relied on for your main carb, when coupled with small portions of rice.

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