Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Support Responsible Agriculture: Demand Federal Subsidies Reward Responsibility

This is real. Humans actions are changing and damaging the Earth and I don't care who argues that it's false. Our Earth and life is resilent, however, humans' resilency may be nothing compared to other life forms. The planet should be respected.

Support responsible agriculture. I wish that responsible family farms, too, could receive the subsidies they deserve unlike the farms depicted in that video.

Organic vegetables are not falsely expensive so much as the polluted, GMO staples of GMO corn and soy are artificially cheap. When will enough people demand that common sense be used when bringing food to the table?

I don't know what to do about these problems, seems the only thing is to get the word out. The way I vote is with my wallet. I can't afford Coach purses or a lot of fancy clothes, but at least the food on my table is honest, real, and not posing so much of a risk to the planet.

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