Monday, May 2, 2011

Sugar, The Bitter Truth: By Dr. Lustig

When low fat is really high fat.

Very interesting.

Dr. Mercola introduced the video on his website. Moral of the story: all sugar is horrible for health but especially fructose and carbohydrates that can only be metabolized by the liver. They are in essence chronic toxins.

No wonder I got PCOS being raised on the government sanctioned school meal plan. Luckily I drive my food choices these days. And if I were not so sensitive, I may not need to try such a low carb Japanese diet. But I stand revised on my previous post about the Japanese diet, as most of the carbohydrates are glucose which the Dr. above asserts gives energy to every cell in the body (besides the fact that it can be metabolized outside of the liver.)

Makes me wish that I had gotten far enough to study biochem. But C- ed my way out of o-chem.

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