Friday, December 17, 2010

Comet Ca$h

Well two acupuncture treatments.done. I do notice a difference! My sore throat isn't gone but I'm sure mono won't cure itself overnight. However, in general, my whole body just feels better.


I brought a present for Christmas over to the neighbors since they're so good to us and are really friendly neighbors and got hooked up with getting to start my volunteering at the elementary school early. And they really needed a lot of help today~~ it was a Winter Holiday Carnival and there was a bazaar with donated goods. They earned some "Comet" Cash for doing homework and for being good in their classes and then got to spend it... and go "shopping" and bought things for special people in their lives. With hundreds of youngsters of all ages... it was quite a happening. They broke me in pretty quick~ But now winter break has begun for EVERYONE and now there is no escape from my house and the major BRO-mance going on with Max and his brother. So I'm kind of the odd one out wishing I had some girl friends to hang out with.

I really need to get on my Christmas cards.


So I have a lot of options on when to graduate and what to do after, I guess those options will depend on when I go to see an advisor to find out if there are any classes I would have to take if I decided not to graduate from the honors college. There are a bunch of schools I would like to apply to teach at in Japan... and whether or not I could enter the companies sort of is weighing in my mind as a deciding factor of what I want to do with this graduation thing. I have one Japanese class left for a Japanese degree. General science is totally out the window because I don't want to be here for 3 more years to take all the classes I would have to in order to get that degree.


I could stay in the honors college, start the time consuming thesis process... write it through the summer, and maybe get it wrapped up, stamped, graduated by the end of fall and apply to the JET Programme. Which is the "Cadillac" english teaching entry job... but the private companies don't sound that bad, although the purpose is a lot different than the government sponsored programs because it brings the company, corporation component into teaching.

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