Tuesday, December 14, 2010

EFL Through Songs


unfortunately you have to pay for them, but hey, it's an investment and they can probably be played over and over. I'm sure if I dig around later I can find a lot for free as well, not to mention the splendor of YouTube. Too bad google took it over.

So there are some jobs I can apply for. Depending on what happens with the applications I will graduate either this spring (I'll be eligible to graduate after winter term... if I quit honors college all I have left is 4 credits of Japanese, although there are other classes that I WANT to take... haha I just don't want to take honors college classes) and if neither of the jobs go through, maybe I'll just stay and I think I can finish honors college by the end of fall 2011. One is in Chiba, and one is in Aichi. I would be much more excited to live in Aichi especially since it is a part of Aichi that easily accesses more rural areas... Chiba is just a stone's throw from Tokyo. Haha but if you need to escape real quick it is close to Narita.


My first acupuncture appointment is today. The acupuncturist said the most noticeable problem from the TCM perspective was a stomach yin deficiency. Besides that, between cleaning my house and going to the izakaya for a second time with friends, my good old friend mono showed up again and all the sinus ickies with it. Luckily I feel much better after sleeping.


The food at the izakaya was pretty good, they do have good nabe, sukiyaki, and what not. It is a little expensive for the portions but some things are a good deal. It is supposed to be western themed but only looks partially western themed, just the drink names and a little of the decor. They have some growing into their bar that could be done. It'd be nice with some more pictures and knick-knackery on the walls. Nice that they don't have flat-screens all over the place. I suspect that people have forgotten how to talk to each other.


Today I also applied to volunteer at an elementary school. Hopefully some experience will be coming my way shortly.

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