Friday, December 24, 2010

Stitches for Small Seed Beads

So, I have a crap load of small seed beads (11 o) that I got a long time ago that I need to use up before buying any more...

The following stitches have been cooperating pretty well:

"Leaves" "Apache Leaves" (although I've heard it referred to as some kind of Russian leaf before...)
They're cute. I should re-teach myself that stitch.

I've had success as you can see in the "Winter Beading" post with spiral stitch. However usually for the inner body of the stitch I have to use delicas or something with a bigger hole... otherwise I drive myself crazy.

Another stitch I've had success with is the St. Petersburg chain, and the 11 o s seem to be accommodating the double St. Petersburg which is pretty stunning. I hope I'll be able to embellish the top too. I'll update when I'm done.

St. Petersburg Chain (Double)

It's quite stunning.

Herringbone did NOT accommodate the 11o seed beads.

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