Friday, August 26, 2011

Haesin-DONG(Haesindang) Dong Park 해신당공원

The Exhibit in that Hut is the Only one to be "R" Rated

Max Riding Free Willy
More Family Fun than Disneyworld!

Check out that Beautiful View, Be Prepared to Meet Sea Roaches Though!

Shrine to the Unfulfilled Virgin

Haesindang Park

A few weeks ago I was swept out of bed and into the car for a voyage to Samcheok area in Korea. We stopped at a hot spring, a beached cruise ship theme resort atop a hill, and then, to my surprise, what appears to be a very popular park in Korea. Just type "Haesindang" into the google search or google image search for more information.

Anyway, Samcheok is in the Northeast of South Korea. Since my family drove there, I can't give any advice about how to get there or anything. I just want to put some photos of it here for my family and friends to enjoy.

There is a story behind all the dongs in the park. At the Dong Park there is also a museum about traditional village life by the East (Japan) Sea in Korea.

Legend has it that an engaged maiden was taken by her fiance to harvest seaweed. So she was left alone on a rock at low-tide, while he went back to work on the shore. Unfortunately, time brought with it a weather change with strong wind and surf, and she ended up drowning. I guess the Village People thought that some kind of Curse of the Unfulfilled Virgin would overtake their town. They then decided to erect penises to put at this rocky point where she drowned to appease her spirit. And the park remains to this day with a museum about village life, tons of penis sculptures, and a nice view of the the East Sea. Not your average western bed-time story for the kiddos, is it? I'm not sure that I would want to be harassed by so many phalluses in the afterlife, but I guess everyone has their own belief about what a deceased young lady would have liked to enjoy had she had a longer life.

Year of the Dragon Phallus

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