Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Japan Consulate Trip (Seoul) : Part I

Nice to Meet You Again, Ayako!

Some Truth in Advertising Today!

Experience a "New Type of Savory- WOW!"

Max ordered Semi-Nude

But Not Interested in Salad

He Kept his Eyes on his Prize: BEER

Today was one of those rough and tumble days spent on Korean mass transit. People say it's the most affordable in the world, but I'm not going to say that it is the most convenient or comfortable ;) Like a Shakespearean play, our day was full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and was very very tiring.

And this is just part 1. Max and I return to the crowds and smog tomorrow!

The consulate was pretty terrible. Unlike the sparkling ones back home (I think the Portland consulate was pretty nice? Or maybe I have only ever seen Consulate events and the Korean Consulate in Seattle, which is also nice. I had no trouble bringing my documents, but then it was Max's turn. Now, we're not applying for anything like a working visa for him, just family, and we have all our marriage documents. Somehow he mentioned that he will be doing some online classes, and suddenly the immigration officer got all hung up about how he had to have documentation about the online class.

Wait, I thought the point was to prove that we were married?


So we trekked from the Consulate through Insadong, crowds, smog that gave me hives, to a PC-bang where Max registered for fall classes, printed an enrollment letter, and printed his online schedule for the Fall term.

So, guys who are going with your sugar mommas to Japan: you should prove that you are doing something manly-like: working, studying, or being a "man." Just a word of wisdom. But it's bureaucracy. Although we probably would have been able to work it out somehow, it's just easier if you can prove right away exactly what you will be doing in Japan, and that we will have the visas worked out before we depart.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures at least. I feel so much better after the rant ^.^

It's a happy ending: the consulate got evidence that Max is a man, and is getting ready to be employed someday, and we will be able to pick up our visas tomorrow! :) The sad part is that I have to do all that mass transit, smog, and crowds again.

In happy news, I was able to see a student from my old school, who is more of a friend, and she came with us to Nangdaemun bazaar. And a bazaar it was. I'm going back again tomorrow. I will take photos... the bead floor was amazing! A single floor was as big as a warehouse, like those traveling bead shows that happen once a year in my hometown- except the bazaar happens everyday. Very awesome. Except, in the whole mess, I couldn't find any Japanese beads except maybe Tohos. I was wanting some Czech seed beads and Miyuki Delicas. They have plenty of crystals and fancy goods, though!

We wrapped it up with more subways, stairs, and a hamburger at KrazE Burger. Best burger I've had so far here, although it doesn't compare to a big wad of high quality beef from the supermarket fried in a pan. It came reasonably close though ^.^ I had the King Ring Burger.

I saw a big Teenie Weenie (the store I mentioned in a previous blog!) . It was just in passing, so I didn't get a picture.

And a bus numbered 420.

The end.

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