Friday, August 26, 2011

Small Surprises: Teenie Weenie

Teenie Weenie Does Couple's Looks

Teddy Bear's Have Frats and Teenie Weenies!

Max: after Noodles, Beer, and Copious Amounts of Korean Fried Chicken
He has become Frat Bear~!

Here is something I never saw before Korea (besides traditional culture), and that is the brand TEENIE WEENIE. I can't help but smile or crack up when I hear that name. So Max and I bought some Teenie Weenie goods from an outlet store.

The heat of autumn is here, and I sit in my chair with very sweaty legs.

Enjoy the photos of Max and I in YELLOW TEENIE WEENIE Merchandise. Love love love! Kinda looks like a frat-boy, but the whimsy and the random name make up for it.

This post seems to be the polar opposite of my previous post, in which we encountered large Korean Phalluses. Now you just met the Teenie Weenie Bear.

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