Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 Blogspot

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Not much to report from this front. I'm feeling better pretty consistently. I get a little "wired" at times but magnesium, taurine, and if necessary a little 5-HTP seem to help right away. Or sometimes I just have to go a night with not so great sleep. But I've been able to be reasonably active and have done a lot this week. I went ice skating twice (last night was the best, the local team had a game and there was a free skate afterward, ideally for those that had bought tickets but they allowed us to come in...), on a drive up around Spencer's Butte but never did get off at the park... we passed it... but it was a nice drive.


Some resolutions for 2011:
-graduate in Spring (figure out how to get out of my science major and honors college... mostly because I feel they are not preparing me for the jobs I'm applying to and are just extra money and hassle, forcing me to take grad requirements instead of classes I'm interested in or I think would be helpful for me)
-think positively
-make some friends, reconnect with who's left in Eugene and keep in touch with everyone who has escaped
-have a wonderful time with Tomona when she comes to visit
-start getting stronger with dance and yoga
-apply and get accepted to various companies in Japan
-maybe I'll be in Japan by September? It all depends on the companies' schedules

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