Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well. Was feelin a bit better when I woke up... got to sleep last night finally. Progesterone cream helped knock me out. Mum says according to her research it was used as an anti-seizure in the past.

Actually picked up a few things around the house this morning... but then the chest pain started again. Need to get the negative thoughts out of my head such as, "what is the incidence of heart worm in humans...?"

Let's just hope that I survived the first bad flare of this (almost four years ago xD )... so maybe I can survive this time too.

Looking at pictures that make me happy and trying to figure out. And now I have all this time on my hands to try to contact people going through the same thing and find out what works and what doesn't.


There's my bird Tink. She's a sort of yellow-pearl cockatiel. I wouldn't say that she's a lutino... just somethin really unique about her and the friendliest cockatiel I've met. Except I have a cockatiel Popcorn whose previous owner looked like my dad and she is sooo friendly to him. I'm pretty sure she thinks he's her mate. Just wanted to brighten up my blog a bit.

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