Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Night's Sleep and Feeling a Little Better

Yay! I was able to get a good night's sleep last night. It didn't stop me from sending a worried message to my primary doc... asking where I could go for help for this since we weren't really getting anywhere together (but I think my doc is pretty sharp, my case is just too complicated for 15 min. office visits which is the name of the game in modern med. in America.) Didn't take any meds either. I also had to ask for some documentation of my visits so I can turn them in with the petitions to withdraw without a W from my classes due to extended illness.

I'm off to ride the bus to take a Japanese test, and since I withdrew from my other classes I can just come home and rest, or do some other restful activity. Maybe I really do just need this resting period... need my diet to be good. The weather is sunny (rare around here), and the test shouldn't be too hard. Japanese is my strong point. My schedule has been pretty much go-go-go since I came back to the uni in Winter 2008... taking summer classes, working... it's no wonder that a crash and burn had to occur.

It's ridiculous, but I think I really might have a parasite. I ate a bell pepper that tasted moldy (raw) a little before all this started... I eat sushi... I should spare everyone the details, but lets just say my husband thought he saw little invaders and I've had a few other parasite-y symptoms. Everytime I bring this up to the doc they say no way it's impossible, like life in America is parasite free. In other countries they still take herbs annually for annual de-worming, At least my Korean husband said this is the case in Korea. But I'm kind of in a vulnerable state right now so I don't want to take anything real strong...

Plans for the weekend? I guess not really, but if I'm still feeling better maybe I will try to get to a party a friend invited me to. I'm as sick of sitting around the house as anyone can imagine. It is Halloween... in my neighborhood only one child came to the house last year. I was handing out pencils and little clif-bars. Dunno if I wanna hand and everyone's favorite sweets... who knows what's in them.

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