Friday, October 29, 2010

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Free Press, Press Release regarding Gardasil.

Amen to this.

Until mainstream medicine, or any medicine for that matter, finds out what is causing my problems, I will believe that it is Gardasil that triggered them, regardless of whether they were underlying issues before the shot. Better lying in wait then troubling me nearly everyday of my life.

Even the mayo clinic website outlines a list of symptoms, most of which I have experienced to one degree or another since getting the shot- as side effects. I hope some smarty-pants up there decides to figure out how to help people's vaccine damage, although most students are probably concerned with following the Gold-Brick ROAD to $$$ (Radiology, oncology, anaesthesiology, and dermatology...) don't forget cardiology and neurology--true story, I have done a lot of reading on what it takes to become a doctor because since I became sick I dreamed of going to medical school. Although since vaccines affect so many neurologically (what's with the aluminum additives and msg excitotoxins? ethylmercury? really!) I really wanted to go to med school or do my science classes so that I could someday help people going through what I am. And then overwhelming waves of pessimism wash over me when I see the state of the system. Practicioners that get closest to addressing the fundamental issues are rare: naturopaths, functional medicine drs. (And I don't know if naturopathy has quite figured out vaccine reactions yet... nature didn't intend for these poisons to be layered upon developing young people... of course I knew nothing of this... received all my vacs through elementary school, didn't opt out, didn't think twice and now I can't stop thinking about it, it is with me everyday) Like I said, those drs are rare, their treatments are expensive, they're not covered, and just like the vaccines they are up until now untested.

Felt pretty bad this morning despite sleeping well. Made it though my Japanese class (and test), think I did well. Didn't do so well on my science midterms from a couple weeks back. I was feeling pretty sick and was just sort of coasting through my classes... not attacking them as I liked to pre-Gardasil. More restlessness, feeling weak, tired, hungry, empty, heat sensations, and nauseated. But I made it and am doing better at home.

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