Thursday, October 28, 2010

FInally, what's going on now

Hi folks.
Well I finished writing up background information blogs, they're by no means super organized but they kind of show the progression over time and avenues I have tried and have not tried. I've been reading a lot about Gardasil girls. Our problems are varied but they were all precipitated, or activated, from the vaccine. I will see my functional medicine Dr. on Monday with my mom and a GYN about the complex cyst on Nov. 8th (which is kind of scary, because its 3cm *3 cm which is about ping-pong ball if you think about it, sitting on the walnut sized ovary! Scared it might burst or something. Since that can be as serious as appendicitis, it would be no good if that went.

What did I do today?
Well, I woke up after a fitful non-sleep (for two days) because of strange feelings of heat and twitching, feeling like something bad is going to happen when I sleep. But I guess nothing bad has happened and I should just attribute it to this flare. I felt like this in Japan when it was real bad back in 2007. Can it get worse? Can it get better? Nobody knows because the vaccine has never been properly tested . But I guess I know that it can get better and as far as developing seizures or anything, I like to hold out hope that three years after receiving the vaccine I shouldn't have to worry about that. Klonopin which usually helps has not been helping, but I dragged myself to my one class today and got my papers so I can withdraw from the other two which I simply have not been able to commit my energy to due the symptoms.

Thinking about possible triggers of this episode I'm looking at:
-an herbal I received from a naturopath, designed to stimulate the immune system, my immune system is not ready to be stimulated I think and it's not her fault for not knowing, this is tricky business, I got hives and felt strange after it
-lack of sleep: the bad parts of the flare started when I went on vacation with my parents, it' had been a sleep deprived time and we went on vacation
-heat: I was doing saunas and hot tubs, and epsom salt baths when I got back... and the other day when I took a bath to try to help the ovary and my sinuses... I noticed my toe got tingly and numb-ish... feel more restless when hot.

Things I want tested: heavy metal toxicity (aluminum), hormone levels (another expensive saliva test >.< ' )

Things I want to work on: getting my strength and equilibrium back after this flare up

Since this began I really wanted to become some sort of doctor or even a naturopath but now I just want to get well, get well with others, help others get well, get the word out, and frankly, not otherwise have anything to do with the whole mess. What I really want to do is go back to my first love which is Japan, writing, feeling deeply and thinking clearly... enjoying life... and teaching English.

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