Friday, October 29, 2010

So Frustrated

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Chest pain, palpitations, mostly left side and in arm but also feeling on right side tonight. Can't really talk to anyone in my immediate circle, I've hit the "dead horse" that is trying to figure out why I'm feeling so sick. My parents are convinced that progesterone is a miracle problem and it will cure all my ills. Aren't open to the idea that parasites could be a part of this... even though the evidence is *ahem* in the toilet. And my husband is just too tired after staying up all night studying for a midterm.

Don't know who to talk to so I'll just write in this blog. Then I can keep track of how I'm feeling.

Makes me mad that they say "oh you're just feeling bad because your hormones are out of line." They're reading books on PCOS and stuff, but meanwhile I feel like they are tuning out what I have to say. They are as blinded as the Drs who form their opinions of you the moment you walk in the room. YES my hormones are out of line, but there must be an underlying reason. And, if progesterone cream was such a miracle, then taking it should have leveled me out. And who cares if it levels out my emotions if the rest of me still feels sick and falling apart? It makes me break-through bleed and I suspect instead of having a period this month... well I just got a gigantic cyst that I'm waiting to dissolve! (I'm hoping it will, and wondering if it couldn't be related to parasites...) You're not supposed to stay on hormones that are not your own, the endocrine system works in negative feedback loops and responds to the level of progesterone in the system. If there is progesterone, it does not have to produce it.

And all the happy healthy college students are living it up on Halloween.

Mailed Dr. Flannery to ask if he ever works collaboratively/through/with/consults Drs. I sure hope so, and of course the Dr I have will have to agree.

Feeling really lonely and like this will never end...

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