Thursday, October 28, 2010

Symptoms Over Time, Specialists Seen and Tests Done

Symptoms Over Time after Receiving Gardasil Vaccination (Related or not, they are what they are) most symptoms come and go but "flares" in which old symptoms return or intensify are still felt.

June 2007

-anxiety, difficulty sleeping, "feeling weird"-heat sensations down arms, creepy crawly, urge to move, nausea, irritable bowel, eyes feel strange, chest pain, rapid heart beat (unexplained)

July 2007
-hair loss, weight loss, intensified anxiety and difficulty especially in evening time, afraid to fall asleep especially when alone (which was very hard during study abroad to Japan)

CBC normal, slightly elevated lymphocytes

August 2007
-continued symptoms, after trying beta blocker experienced first heart palpitations, continued heart palpitations, dizzy spells,

September 2007
-experienced first hot flash while on zoloft

Tried: neurologist (MRI, with follow up CT when an "air cell" was seen, not suspected as cause for symptoms), cardiologist (holter monitor, ECG (also done multiple times in Japan... Drs. pitying me performed it free of charge)stress test, cardiac MRI, have had extended Holter Monitor Follow up Since then) pediatrician (lyme (probably not a good test), CBC, metabolic panels numerous time, naturopath (cortisol found to be low in saliva tests) Vitamin D deficiency-suspected adrenal fatigue, used nutrition/vitamin IV therapy and supplements, dermatologist (for hair loss, no testing requested)

January 2008
After much prodding from my friends (I'm grateful for) urged me to go to college breaking me out of a deep situational depression when I felt I could control nothing in my life and that nobody would ever be able to help me, but have received sense of warmth from naturopath and alternative physicians, worst experience has been--- I MADE IT TO COLLEGE!

-one night sweat episode
-intermittent evening "feeling wierd" spells, call parents in tears when it happens

Continued efforts with naturopath: nutritional treatments (fatigued after them)

May 2008
-met a boy first term at college, turned out to be the one (currently married, don't got the paperwork yet though)
-first LARGE floater noticed... eyes just seem to be deteriorating
-menstrual period absent for 3 months, jump started with progesterone pill,
-weight gain


Winter break 2008-2009
-Went to Korea (my husband is Korean), node on neck became irritated and swollen, caught a cold toward end of trip... suffered through winter term with

MONO- liver involvement highly elevated liver enzymes, nausea, swollen nodes and tonsils, haven't recovered since. Add this to the relapsing, remitting symptoms previously addressed, chronic fatigue definitely not helped by this

Summer 2009
-dizzy spell, went to ER, not knowing my history of course no tests were ordered and I was diagnosed with "dizziness"

Fall 2009
-working with Functional Medicine Dr., "paleo-mediterranean diet", drinking protein shake... raw vegetables irritated G.I. tract... adopted strict diet and am for the most part 100% organic foods

-at end of winter term, diagnosed with gallstone (don't attribute this so much to gardasil but to a poor diet (I ate school cafeteria food growing up), surgery to remove the gallbladder

Summer 2010
-brief respite from symptoms, riding bike everyday for about 1 hr, playing tennis with a sweet neighbor girl who my husband and I just adore, hanging out with friends, rediscovering old passions for crafts and art, don't have the same attention span for it... but taught myself how to knit and crochet...
neck and throat nodes, glands swelling, glands under tongue swollen since cold infection in spring term...

Tried: attempted the "paleo" diet... eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, lean protein... progesterone cream

Fall 2010:
-exacerbation of symptoms following similar pattern
-complex ovarian cyst, right side (scared that this is going to need surgery 3*3 cm) painful, thought it was appendicitis! yikes!
-more/increased eye symptoms (hopefully when the flare goes away then my brain or whatever is irritated will heal and these will resolve somewhat)
-for the first time before 2007 having difficulty functioning due to worry about symptoms

Winter 2010-2011:
-problems have gone away, feeling much better, a lot of help from acupuncture
able to participate in ballet 3 x a week and didn't miss any school except for a really bad cold 2/20 ish, periods regulated... acupuncture is amazing!

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  1. Forgot to say that I have been tested for:
    -I think ANA
    -Pap Smear
    -Liver Enzymes since normal
    -Saliva Hormones: estrogen/progesterone low and not in favorable ratio, cortisol low
    -Thyroid hormones always normal
    -Urine tests always normal
    -Insulin, Testosterone, Prolactin, FSH (insulin resistance shown, along with excess testosterone, FSH and prolactin levels normal)

    -CBC, Metabolic Panel, Urine, Pelvic Ultrasound (revealing the ping-pong ball size cyst... xD) )