Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daikon Steak with Curry Meat Sauce Garnish

Daikon Steak with Curry Meat Sauce Garnish

This was served over daikon shoots. So it's kind of oya-ko daikon steak :D
Parent and child on a plate together ;)

Daikon Steak in Curry Sauce
Daikon (large) ... 8cm 300g
Ground Pork ... 150 g
Minced Onion ... 1/2 of a small onion
Watercress (or sprout, salad vegetable) ... As Desired for Garnish or Crunch

Salad Oil, Tomato Ketchup Salt Soy Sauce

(1) Oil a pan 2 tbsp. cooking oil, med. heat, sprinkle with salt, make incisions to speed cooking in hatched pattern and grill on both sides until the daikon is nicely browned. Then cover and simmer for 5 min or until daikon is of desired hardness.

(2) Set daikon on serving plate with watercress garnish (or sprouts, or salad vegetables)

(3) In the same frypain, sautee minced onions 3 min. Add ground meat or Tofu (and minced potatoes or carrots optional) When they are finished, add curry powder and 1/2 cup water. Simmer with a dash of ketchup and soy sauce. Cover, simmer 5-6 min, allow to thicken. Also delicious with some milk or soy milk or other milk substitute added.

(4) Pour sauce over daikon and serve.

Thank you Oreji Peeji! (オレンジページ2011 10/2)

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