Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things to Enjoy in Korea: The Food (Grilled Meat)

Don't Go Without an Appetite (Or Do Go and Find One)

Customizable, eat it how you want to!
The Leaf is Called a "Sesame Leaf"
It comes from a different plant than the popular "Sesame Seed" Most Know
Why don't we eat it in the U.S.? It's delicious!

Grilling away, no, we don't eat like this everyday.
This place sells premium beef so it's more expensive.

Grilled meat, Barbecue Meets the Table, This is Common for Grilled Meat Restaurants

My hubby, Teenie Weenie Shirt, and Side Dishes

Close up on Side Dish

Ahh Korean food. For the most part I love it. And I would dare say I enjoy most dishes much more than Japanese food, even. I think it blows Japanese food out of the water on my parameters of carb to protein and vegetable ratio (although traditional Japanese food should be high in veg?). It's savory and satisfying and has tremendous variety, especially at restaurants. Most have their own unique side dishes. I never leave the table hungry if I go to a restaurant. It's also quite affordable compared to the US and Japan.
Even if you can't do spicy there are plenty of options. And if you don't do bland, there is always a spicy option. Fats are paired with enzyme rich fermented foods which help you digest them. I have no complaints for this diet (except I'm a little fruit sensitive, and my insulin resistance makes me really have to cut my portion sizes on the rice)

That being said, vegetarians and vegans may have a hard time eating socially, but there are legume-protein rich foods available as well.

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