Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things to Enjoy in Korea: Tea Shops

Traditional Tea Shop Interior

There was an appetizer tea, which tastes kind of like Chinese medicine.
The herbs involved are more savory. (left, small cup)

Then there is Jujube Tea , which is supposed to promote youth. It has a nutty berry-like flavor, and the jujube fruit is often referred to as "Chinese Date" (DAECHU)
It is rich in Vitamin A, B6, and B1,2,3 vitamins, and some Minerals
This fruit works itself into a variety of Korean stews, broths, and of course, tea.
Expect pine nuts. My mother in law sweetens this tea with honey.

My other favorite tea is called OMIJA tea.
It's served very sweet and either warm or iced.

Further behind the tea-cups are traditional Korean sweets: rice cake, fried flour sweet soaked in honey (YAKGWA) , and more rice. As my husband is allergic, he can't really touch the stuff.

Lights are dim and the mood is relaxing, although tea places come in a variety of themes. This one is traditional style. Many of the modern places are actually chains and have witty Konglish names like "Angel-in-Us", "Yoger Presso", "Caffe Bene" Herbal Teas and others are usually available.

These pictures came from a very nice outing with a friend from ballet class.


There are usually little places like this in the tourist areas around Seoul (e.g. Insadong). One of them even keeps little finches.

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