Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things to Enjoy in Korea: Adult Playground Toys

Children's Park

The Children's Portion: Freaking Adorable!

Description of my Favorite Machine

My Favorite Air-Walker Machine For Opening the Hips

Max on Crappy Exercise Bike... and this Booby Rotating Device!

Don't take this the wrong way boys and girls!

I was surprised that in my neighborhood in Korea the apartments have not just playgrounds with the regular swings and teeter-totters that are normal in the US, but also recreational exercise equiment for adults. I very much enjoyed the air-walker as much as anyone on an infomercial. I gotta warn you... the exercise bikes have no resistance and neither do the elipticals, so you may need to buy an affordable gym membership at city hall anyway.

And then they have fitness machines you have never seen in the US. It surprises me because the people around the area have big enough apartments to have these items in their houses, but considering the population density its not that easy to jog or bicycle. so these machines seem to fulfill the need. Or you can just walk through the manicured grounds of the apartments. Regardless, enjoying a Korean all-age playground should be on your list of things to do. I can't say anything for downtown Seoul, but in this country-suburb of Suji-Yong-in, the parks were quite enjoyable.

My area also had a baby chick mural, which made me happy :D

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