Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Regal Purple Netting in Purple and Silver

Design: Barbara Klann, Bead and Button Magazine supplement

This 2 drop peyote band stitched up real fast and easy, the netting took a little longer but was intuitive, and can certainly be adapted to any free form design and whatever little goodies and beads from "bead soup" you may want to put in the design. It came out wonderfully and any number of closure techniques would look good. At the Dongdaemun bazaar I found these beautiful white buttons and chose to use them. Buttons are not the most secure method to close a bracelet, but I think this one stands well as an art piece and the buttons will be more long lasting than snaps, which often can have their threads cut through by wear too quickly.

Some other applications:
-Use this design to bead a quick strap (shorter than a band), glue to a firm base, and attach as a hair pin
-Create a head band

Those are some things I would like to use this design for in the future.

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