Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel Oregon: Mathieu Lakes Region, Dee Wright Observatory

My Dad and "Three Fingered Jack" in the Distance

Stairs at Dee Wright Observatory, Scenic Byway Hwy 242, Oregon
Life is Found Even in This Environment

One of Oregon's Many Mountains. There are plaques with names and windows facing the mountains in the Observatory

Max Dramatic in Oregon, One Year Ago
Observatory Assembled of Weathered Volcanic Rock

This area is located on Highway 242, 15 miles west of Sister's Oregon.

You can only visit this place between late July through September. The highway opened up really late this year due record snowfall. They decided they would have to just wait for the snow to melt because the plows just couldn't get through it! (So I couldn't go on my camping trip I took just before leaving Oregon)

There are spectacular views, and the Willamette forest on the side of the mountains on the McKenzie Valley to Eugene has some of the richest, cleanest, most soothing air you will ever breathe. I miss that place. There are more things to do in the Willamette Valley which I will post pictures of. I was there in fall and the area was spectacular when the colors changed.

For the meantime, enjoy these photos of a surreal environment and the diversity of Oregon's nature. They are all my own, I finally pried them from my camera's internal memory!

I miss my home, but I am on to my next adventure: Living in Japan! (For at least one year!)

For more information about taking an adventure to this area of Oregon, check out this online guide which gives great detail about many adventures Oregon has to offer:

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