Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yes... I know it's

But you can't help but scratch your head when you listen to the points and think about the biology. After all, how can humans be so pompous as to even assume that we know everything about the workings of the universe. I know I feel awful if I sit around a computer all day. It didn't bother me when I was a kid... but thinking about how fast things are changing I remember a book I read in high school called "Future Shock." I think it is plausible that at the pace society is changing and adapting new technologies knowing nothing of long-term effects... is dangerous and unprecedented. But there's your rant for the day. I can't write coherently or in depth, I'm quite tired and classes have got me pretty busy. Luckily I have acupuncture today. Down to one appointment a week and holding my own pretty well in the interim between appointments. Much better than before. I attribute it to being out of the house and away from computers more.

Other crazy, but worthwhile topics include geopathic stress. But I really think that the technology explosion is something that should be looked into. If I were still in science I would look into it but now the only position I can take is journalistic.

Happy pondering.

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