Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Reading about Momoyama period ceramics in Japanese has me missing my Grandpa... and feeling nostalgic all over the place.

Feeling a little blue tonight. For no apparent reason. Just feeling down about a lot of stuff lately, each on its own is ok to deal with but definitely feeling it cropping up on me. Just waves of sadness wash over me.

I took some 5-HTP

Ballet is fun. It's sort of like therapy which I was thinking of going to but I think ballet is more of a release for me... and I heard obamacare was reversed so I don't know how that will affect my health insurance situation if I get married. Dissapointing.

And a little overwhelmed by my Japanese class. This ain't easy stuff. But the improvement in my other class is remarkable. So the work I'm putting in is building muscles somewhere... just having trouble knowing how reliable those muscles are. Haha kind of like ballet. I want to get back onto pointe but my pointe muscles aren't strong enough yet. I don't think I'm pointing my foot properly because I'm feeling it too much in my achilles tendon and that's a very important area to take care of in ballet that can be damaged en pointe. Point with the ankle and the top of the foot... w/o clenching the achilles. Simple concept but easier said than done.

We're studying ceramics in my Japanese Advanced Reading class. It makes me think of my Grandpa. I miss him. I miss my family. Why do I always have to feel so darn nostalgic.

Max's brother went home today. They say he's coming back. We'll see if that will happen.

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