Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Year of Meats

My Year of Meats, Ruth L. Ozeki

I'm a big fan of real food and anywhere the sick system is called out for it's dirty deeds. Thus, I quite enjoy muckraking exposes like Fast Food Nation. For me it doesn't really stop at food, but the general lack of concern for safety in consumer goods and new technologies.

Regardless, I wrote a paper about this in Japanese this year and how cool is this that a Japanese-american (in NY? Okay.... ) is writing books like this. I saw it at the Marche cafe today and when this intense term is over and I have time to myself, i would love to read through it and her other stuff.

Until then, at least I get to enjoy reading Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood for the first time.

Acupuncture was a success today. You don't know how wound up you are until suddenly you're un-wound. Although I guess I'm more sensitive than most... but I'm working hard on that.

Peace out and see you soon.

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