Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So two days into the term... so far so good. Just hope it lasts. I have a normal amount of tired and no creepy-crawlies.

I'm no longer signed up for honors college Literature by and about Gay Men. NOW I'm in the Japanese Global Scholars class. It's really hard but I think it should theoretically get easier since my only other class is Japanese speaking and Beginning Korean. Regardless... the lack of a class intense on English should allow them to at least abstractly support one another. Not even out of the honors college yet and things are already getting more relevant. So there will be a research project this term.

We're covering Buddhism and our homework was to get our tails home and research sects of Japanese buddhism. I'm writing on SHINGON and RINZAI. RINZAI is a zen sect and has is about meditation, finding out who you are, and KOANS (unanswerable questions) are often utilized as lessons. Regardless, I like things that make me think.

If the sound of two hands coming together is the sound of a clap, what is the sound of one hand?

Not even a thought has arisen. Is there still sin or not?

I will think about this in acupuncture today. I have to type up paragraphs about it in Japanese today when I get home from acupuncture, ballet, and dinner. But until then, ponder away. It's really interesting, perhaps I found my term research topic?

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