Thursday, January 20, 2011

Respect the Schedule


Well got my first rejection today. Il'd like to believe it's not a true rejection... because the page said they had a strict deadline those wanting to work for them have to be diploma-ed by the 10th of June. Unfortunately I won't be "graduated" until the 13th of June... although my last classes are this term and I'll technically be graduated at the end of this one.


So... just like America's Next Top Model I'l just apply for other stuff and remember that there is a new cycle coming up and I will be fully and legitimately diploma-ed and still have all my experience by that point. Just have to keep working hard.

There is also a small job in Aichi-prefecture that I would like to apply to. I wrote a cover letter in Japanese today but I'm kind of worried about it. I know it's probably not near perfect. And there are some things I'd like to add. They just relisted the job... which means they haven't found anyone yet ;) And boy would I love to go back to Aichi.

So there are at least three places to apply to right now... they're always really vague about when they want workers to start... but I know Amity and Aeon is usually about 6-12 months after you apply...

We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Ballet and Yoga is going really well. My strength is coming back quickly. I'd like to do a pre-pointe class and maybe even start to dance on pointe again. I'm such a water person though... always rushing... definitely hate taking things one step at a time. I'm working on it.

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