Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Recollection

*** We went for a "big sushi" dinner, good times! ***

So this week I have brought you everything from pomeranians to electrosmog... why not do some more walking down memory lane~~~ and get away from wondering how much my mitochondrial DNA is being affected by wi-fi, cell phones, and microwaves.
For the first time in a while, since my schedule has let up and I've been feeling better, I sent letters/Christmas cards to all the people who have been good to me in Japan. ^.^

I got one from my friend Taeko today. My first host family ^.^

Anyway, she has a blog too. It is in Japanese but Google Chrome can translate it.

Anyway, I'm putting a picture on my blog of when we went to sushi with her family.


I know a lot of people going to see Gants. I think it comes with being in a Japanese major. If you're not that into manga/anime sometimes you can feel like the odd one out in classes. I wouldn't mind seeing it but the tickets were $12.50 each and for Max, I, and his brother to go that would come to 40.00. I want to buy some ballet shoes and might have to buy an expensive book for my research project... so I guess we'll have to entertain ourselves tonight. Which is fine by me, we have yoga!

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